Magnetic Stones

Empower Your Magnetic Journey

Magnetic jewelry has been used for thousands of years as a natural healing process for your body.
It is said to quickly increase blood flow, increase cellular strength, increase vitality, decrease pain and inflammation. In addition, magnetic therapy has also been found to help with naturally reducing symptoms of fatigue, stress, migraine headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. This form of treatment is believed to work by stimulating nerve cells and increasing metabolism on the cellular level. Some studies have suggested magnetic jewelry may be beneficial to overall emotional health by producing an electromagnetic force field which helps stabilize energy levels in the body.
At SunGemz, we are committed to providing you with beautiful magnetic and healing stones jewelry while ensuring your safety and well-being. Before placing an order, we kindly ask you to carefully read and agree to the following magnet disclaimer:
  • Empowerment with Responsibility: By purchasing any SunGemz Magnet product, you take full responsibility for any injuries, damages, or harm that may arise from its usage. This includes personal injuries, damages to property, or any other consequences that may occur. Your consent to these terms is essential before making a purchase.
  • Contraindications: SunGemz Magnet products should be avoided if you have any of the following conditions:
    Pacemaker or any other electronic medical device
    Any other electronic devices or sensitive magnetic equipment
  • Proper Handling and Usage: Our SunGemz Magnet Collection is designed to be powerful and effective. Please handle our magnetic products with care to avoid damage to the magnets and prevent any potential injuries. It is crucial to keep magnets away from electronic devices, credit cards, watches, and pacemakers, as the magnetic field may interfere with their functioning.
  • Supervision for Children: For the safety of children, SunGemz Magnet products should be kept out of their reach. The small magnets pose a choking hazard, and children should never swallow or insert them into any body part. These products are intended for adult use only.
  • No Alterations: Our SunGemz Magnet products should not be altered, modified, or tampered with in any way. Cutting, drilling, or sawing the magnets is strictly prohibited, as it may result in hazardous situations. Burning the magnets should also be avoided due to the potential risks it may pose.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: SunGemz Magnet products may lose their magnetic properties if exposed to excessive heat. Please avoid subjecting them to temperatures beyond their tolerance levels.
At SunGemz, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We encourage you to enjoy the benefits of our magnetic products responsibly and mindfully. If you have any further concerns or questions regarding our magnets or their usage, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. May our SunGemz Magnet Collection empower you on your magnetic journey towards well-being and positivity.
Embrace the power of magnets with SunGemz, and let the magnetic energy illuminate your path to a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Thank you for being a part of our magnetic community!

Ways to wear

SunGemz are a sparkling reminder of our inner beauty, strength, and love for life!
Each piece is handcrafted with positive intention and many styles can be worn ten ways, or more!
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